What A Graphing Calculator Is Used For

Before you purchase a graphing calculator, you may want to understand the importance of owning a graphing calculator and when they are used for. If you have a child that is going to school, you may find yourself thinking that your child doesn’t need a graphing calculator because you aren’t sure of the difference between a regular calculator and a graphing calculator. This explanation was designed to give you an understanding of the graphing calculator, what its used for, and why your child needs one for school.

What Is A Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator is a more advanced calculator then your basic calculator. It allows students to create graphs from equations. It also has all the basic functions of a scientific calculator. How these calculators work is a student enters an equation and the equation is graphed based on an x and y-axis. Students can also use multiple equations to see different coordinates available on a graph to help solve math problems. These calculators also come with special features that allows students to zoom in on their math equations or to set the sizes of the screen so they can get a better view of the graph on their calculator.

what a graphing calculator is used for

Features of Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators often come with multiple features that help them throughout these classes. As mentioned above, these calculators come with basic convenient factors such as zoom and size adjustments to make the graphs easier to see for students. These calculators can often come with attachments that can be used on overhead projectors so the graphs can be seen on a larger scale in front of a class. These calculators also come with a LED screen that gives the best picture so your student is always getting clear results for the best results.

Some of these calculators also come with additional apps that can be used by students such as calendars and other scientific functions. These apps have been proven useful to students to help keep them organized. Most of these calculators also come with connection features that allow them to transfer data from one calculator to another or to store some of their stuff from the calculator to a computer for additional storage. Many of these calculators also come with memory so equations can be stored and used at a later time. Some of these features also can be used for entertainment purposes and games.

Why Students Need Them

Your child is not pulling your leg when they tell you they need a graphing calculator. Many upper math classes and a few science classes are now requiring students to have a graphing calculator, which has more functions then a basic calculator. Though some classes may supply students with one, they probably will not be able to take them home. These calculators are good to have because they will last them through high school and majority of their college years, so they truly are a great investment. For more information about the classes these calculators are used for, visit our other educational article about Classes Graphic Calculators Are Used For.