How To Use a Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculators are a tool that is commonly used for high school and college students as they go through upper classes of math and some science classes. These calculators are more advanced then a basic calculator and can be a little intimidating to look at since they come with a lot of new buttons and multiple functions. Since there are so many different types of graphing calculators on the market, it is impossible to teach one how to use a graphic calculator in one article, but we can help you learn how to use a graphing calculator by laying out what you need to learn in order to use the calculator successfully.

Learn The Keystrokes

There are multiple cheat sheets that you can use in order to learn the keystrokes of a graphic calculator and this is going to be your first step, after all, you have to be able to turn the calculator on in order to learn the other functions. Many of these cheat sheets will help you learn the basic keys to operate the calculator like how to turn the calculator on and off, how to shift to use the colored keys, how to enter commands, and how to delete what you have already entered into the calculator. Here is one of the most basic cheat sheets.

Graphing calculator Cheat sheet

Math Functions and Constants

Once you have learned the basic keys of operating the graphic calculator, it is time to move on and start learning the functions of the calculator. You are going to want to read a cheat sheet for learning the math functions of the calculator. You may already know some of the basic math functions like how to use the calculator to add and subtract, but you are going to also need to create other functions like pi. This cheat sheet is going to teach you the basic math functions, which is going to prepare you for the next cheat sheet to help you learn how to use a graphing calculator.

graphing calculator cheat sheet 2

Setting Up A Graph

As we mentioned above, every graphing calculator is different so you are going to want to read the cheat sheet that is going to match your calculator type. The next step you are going to want to find a cheat sheet for is going to be how to make a graph. This section will help makes some sense of the MODE button and the Y= function by teaching you how to enter equations in order to formulate a graph. Once you enter the equation, these cheat sheets will show you how to put the selected graph into the window, giving you the finished results.

graphing calculator cheat sheet 3

The Final Steps

Reading these basic three cheat sheets are going to help give you the basic operation of your graphing calculator. You may also want to look into some other cheat sheets if you aren’t sure like one that explains the menu and some of the other special options. These cheat sheets are going to widely depend on the model of your graphing calculator, but the basic cheat sheets we have listed above are the basics for operating and creating graphs.