Classes That Graphing Calculators Are Used In

If you have a child in high school or college, they may be letting you know that they are in need of a graphing calculator. Obviously if you are reading this article, you are questioning if your child actually needs a graphing calculator and we are here to tell you that they probably do. We are going to highlight some of the classes that use graphing calculators and some extra benefits to owning one. Some schools may supply students with a graphing calculator to use during class, but your child could benefit better if they owned one of their own to use in some of these classes and school situations.

Math Class

Now this may seem like basic math, but graphing calculators are commonly used in upper class math classes such as trigonometry and some other difficult math classes. Graphing is a major part of math and teachers are encouraging the use of graphing calculators because it makes teaching and understanding graphs easier on the student, and can help the student save time on making these graphs. Consider a graphing calculator to be the oar in the math boat, you don’t need it for everything, but it certainly helps you get along a little faster.

Classes Where a Graphing Calculator Is Used


Graphing calculators are breaking out of the science classroom and are being used in some science classes, more commonly on the college level. It is also common for students to take specialized sciences once they pick a major in college where a graphing calculator is going to come in handy. You child could probably do some of the graphs by hand, but using a graphing calculator helps make things a little quicker so they can continue on with some of their other work, and progress further in their studies.


As we mentioned above, many of the schools now are supplying children with a graphing calculator to use during class, but it is beneficial for your child to have one of their own so they can use it at night when they do their homework. If your child is learning with one in class, but doesn’t have one for homework, they may struggle because you have taken away the method they have learned to use comfortably in order to practice their math skills at home. Studies have shown if they learn on a graphing calculator, students who don’t have one to do their homework with have shown a decrease in grades.


We don’t have to tell you how important the SATs are to your child’s educational future. The SAT’s are a score that are going to follow your child all the way to the college of their choice and may determine if they are even able to get into college. If your child has been using graphing in school, the odds are good that they are going to have to use graphing on their SAT’s and can be a valuable tool to have with them when they are ready to take the big test.